Sunday, October 24, 2004

Adult Lifespan Journal Entry #4

Late Adulthood

The following is of course, all projection of what I think my late adulthood psychological development will be like. I figure I will be widowed some time during this time, if not sooner - assuming of course, I do manage to remarry during middle adulthood. I hope I will be able to take care of myself and be able to visit with my family and continue writing things to be published. (Assuming I do manage to get published, of course.) I don't need to be rich, but I do hope I will have enough to take care of my own needs and to buy gifts for people occasionally.

By this time, all my self-analysis and learning should produce a wise and good person. One who could look back in her life and see more integrity than despair in the final conflict as proposed by Erikson. I will have contact with many intelligent and creative people who can benefit from my experience, while I benefit from seeing them fulfill their potential. My children will have managed to overcome their own "Intimacy vs. Isolation" crisis and be in loving relationships, raising healthy children.

I will not carry grudges nor would I let petty things interfere with my relationships with people. There would be no room for that in my life by then. I will live somewhere where I will have silence and solitude when I need it and yet have the room to entertain company, even if I have to bake cookies to lure them in. I will try to listen to the life stories of those around me and save my own for my personal writings or command performances.

Most of all, I will dedicate my life to creating beauty - beautiful art, beautiful poetry and a beautiful atmosphere around me. I will also cultivate emotional and mental power in my creative works. When my final minutes come to me, I want to be in the middle of a creative endeavor.


catness said...

Sounds quite optimistic ! You don't take into consideration the possibility of getting demented or crippled in the old age ? Or it's the "ideal future" ?

Mexigogue said...

Demented and crippled are not the preferred terms. We prefer "touched" and "jacked up." And those are cross that bridge when I get to it kind of things. In my view anyway. And of course it's my view because I have the microphone!

Cosmic Siren said...

Part of it is the ideal and positive thinking. But much of it is knowing my family's medical history. The only member of my family to get dementia was great-grandma and she was 99 when it happened.

As for being "crippled", if I can get active now, then chances are based on my family medical history, I won't have a problem.