Monday, November 08, 2004

What works between parent/child doesn't work between strangers.

Amazing that so many people don't realize that.

When a parent insults a child, it does have a very definite affect and can cause change. Occasionally, it goes the other direction too.

However, insulting someone who doesn't know you and is not emotionally connected to you will only make them less likely to give a damn what you think. And some people like that. They don't expect to change their victim's mind. They're just enjoying themselves. Not a good reason, but it's more honest and aware than those think they can make people change that way.

These others, though, are too infantile to realize this and think that people will change their ways to stop the abuse. And if they don't then that just means they're horrible people. *stomps little baby foot*

Using emotional balckmail is manipulation, people. If others don't succumb to it, it is probably because they know that. Not to say it can't work sometimes, but you have to know your target and show some reason for them to actually let into their emotional world. Otherwise, you're wasting your time throwing rocks at stone walls.

"Let me bully you or you're the bully" is a stupid social platform.

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