Thursday, April 14, 2005


Surveillance Works Both Ways

In the stores, as conference attendees snapped pictures of three smoked domes in the ceiling of a Mont Blanc pen shop, an employee inside waved his arms overhead. The intruders interpreted his gesture as happy excitement at being photographed until a summoned security guard halted the photography.

Mann asked the guard why, if the Mont Blanc cameras were recording him, he couldn't, in turn, record the cameras. But the philosophical question, asked again at Nordstrom and the Gap, was beyond the comprehension of store managers who were more concerned with the practical issues of prohibiting store photography.

At the Gap, photographers were told they couldn't take pictures because the Gap didn't want competitors to study and copy its clothing displays.

Do we screen the customers too? To make sure they don't work for competitors?

I'm sorry, but if your competitor really wanted to copy your displays they could easily send someone with a good eye for detail into your store to check them out.

You should read the whole article. It will amuse you.

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