Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once Upon a School

Okay, this is a long video (25 minutes), but I promise you will enjoy this--especially if you are interested in education:

Dave Eggers' brilliant idea of mixing writers and students needing tutoring is only exceeded by the genius of its implimentation. A tutoring center behind a pirate supply store, with a publishing company in the back. Its success is a wonderful example of creativity begetting creativity and learning. And the spin-offs of a super hero supply store in NYC, the time-traveler's convenience store in LA, and others, show the repeatability of this model.

After watching it, I had to ask myself what would work in OKC. I think we would have to avoid the cowboys and indians bit; it wouldn't be whimsical enough for this region that has deep cultural roots with those groups. Possible ideas I've had:

THE INTERGALACTIC BARREL: something like a Cracker Barrel for space travelers. Filled with lots of travel games, gifts, and other touristy stuff for aliens visiting Earth. And instead of a restaurant, a vending wall or two of dehydrated fruits and meals in a tube, aka "astronaut" food, with a dining room. Could use "Diner" to avoid upsetting Cracker Barrel - or perhaps could talk Cracker Barrel into being a sponser.

THE CAVEMAN FASHION OUTLET: Select the finest in (faux) fur and leather loin clothes, tunics, vests and capes. Not to mention bone and rock jewelry, footwear, and blinged out clubs. Everything for the sophisticated caveman.

And slightly related, THE DINOSAUR FEED STORE: Everything for feeding and caring for your prehistoric animals. Could alternatively be a mythical creature feed store.

Anyway, I encourage you to visit and see what others have done.

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