Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blowing the dust off...

I've decided to damn the torpedoes and slowly bring this blog back to life. I have a psychological exploration project I want to start working on and this is the best place for it.

Until I'm actually ready to start that project, though, let me introduce you to some of my other projects currently in progress over on Google+:

The Short Stories of A.D. Barncord
I have most of my old short stories on there and several new stories that are part of the same science fiction series, called The Path of Destruction. I'm supposedly writing this series with a friend, but she's busy with this thing called "a life". *wink* So at the moment, I'm writing most of the stuff. "Too Much of a Good Thing" is the first story of the series and pretty much lays out the foundation for everything else.

In related news, I have an exclusive short story on Amazon Kindle Direct called "Dust Mote and Ashes", which is a psychological thriller and only 99 cents (that's the cheapest price they let you set stuff for), if you have an ereader that can read Kindle stories. If you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, you can read it for free.

Poetry Tutorials and random advice
These Google+ page has poetry tutorials I've created in the past, poetry tips I've come across or stumbled over, a variety of different poetry forms, and basically anything of remote relevance to the writing of poetry.

The Poetry of Amanda Barncord Doerr
My original poetry. I'm almost done posting all the old stuff I've written. When I do, I will probably go from posting poetry daily to posting about weekly, since I'm only writing about one new poem a week.

Anyway, enjoy and I'll try to start my project here in another month or so.

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