Saturday, December 08, 2012

A word about Prevention Protocol:

A lot of mental health issues are exacerbated because of stigma.  People shun others whose problems they don't understand.  People avoid asking for help for fear of being shunned.

Fighting stigma takes multiple approaches. Not just advocacy, but positive and accurate exploration through literature, art, and popular entertainment. Acceptance needs to be modeled, not just protested for. You need to show people what it looks like so they know what works.

Prevention Protocol is meant to show a solution, which in turn will make it easier for people to help when someone is suicidal at work.  Which is the main reason why it is free and will remain that way.

Hopefully, with time, I will write more stories that give people a better understanding of mental health issues in a non-threatening way.  I have a few in Scheherazade's Box and several sections about trauma and grief in A Tragic Tapestry, which I hope to have out soon.  Of course, the mental health issues are subplots, unlike the story in Prevention Protocol.

It is my hope that if people get exposed to mental health issues in non-stigmatized ways, they will take the lessons more to heart and be less fearful of the subject.

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