Monday, June 20, 2005

A pioneer in health care

Gesundheit! Institute
The official website of Patch Adams, MD.

You might remember Robin Williams playing him in the movie Patch Adams.

Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams was criticized in his official medical school record for "excessive happiness" and was once told by a faculty advisor, "If you want to be a clown, join the circus."

Patch did, in fact, want to be a clown. But he also wanted to be a physician. Combining vastly different sides of his personality, he became both. Patch’s remarkable story, which includes having been a patient
and a doctor at a mental institute, celebrates the triumph of spirited individualism and the unending pursuit of idealism.


Blue Cross of California said...

Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.

Cosmic Siren said...

Believe me, after this past year, I couldn't agree with you more. My social service proposal I wrote for me BS in Family Studies and Gerontology was on reforming health care.