Friday, October 28, 2005

My Obituary

If I could have my preference, I would want my obituary written by the staff of the New York Times. Seriously, these people write great obituaries. However, my textbook suggests that I should try writing my own obituary as a ways to accept my own mortality. Looking at my syllabus, it's not going to be a class assignment, but I am going to write the obituary I wish could be published, though I suspect my surviving relatives would have a fit if it was used. Of course, "Cosmic Siren" would be replaced with my real name and the specific information filled in.

Cosmic Siren Dead at Last

After ___ years of surviving many things through sheer luck and stubborness, _________ resident Cosmic Siren finally died on ____________ at ____ from ___________________.

A very serious and responsible child, Cosmic didn't find her true path in life until her late thirties. At which time, the very proper and quiet persona she had up until then presented to the rest of humanity was unceremoniously peeled away and replaced with an eccentric intensity and a determination to bring the healing of art to those who would otherwise overlook it.

Her achievements include raising two wonderful children, archetypal symbolism research, books on a range of subjects, and various other things.

In addition to her children, she is survived by ____ siblings and unnumbered minions. She will be missed, if only because she made life just a little more interesting by her presence.


Linny said...

butting in...

my favorite obit said...

"(insert name here)has boarded the great golden charriot limosine, rollin' on 20's to his new crib on Jesus Lane and will be greated by his brothers in arms who departed before him..."

I kid you not...

Cosmic Siren said...


That's funny. Though I'm wondering if the death was gang related.