Thursday, October 22, 2009


While I do want to continue my series about the transformative power of art, I am currently awaiting some information that I really, really want for my next post on the subject. So, until then, back to the TED commentaries.

Nancy Etcoff discusses the science of happiness in the following talk:

Happiness is not the absence of misery. People can feel happy, even while feeling miserable. I have experienced this, being happy, even while in pain and under stress. It is also interesting to note that the pleasure and the reward pathways in the brain are not actually the same things.

Dan Gilbert gives a great talk about natural and synthesized happiness:

I find the free choice experiments very interesting, if not mind-blowing. There is another talk on TED about this, but I find this one more convincing.

The following talk is a more spiritual on the matter of happiness. At the very least, it has some beautiful images.

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