Monday, October 19, 2009


Dan Pink's talk on the surprising science of motivation is something anyone who deals with other people in an oversight capacity should watch. It's good for those in behavioral studies to watch it, too.

Nothing beats intrinsic motivation when it comes to tasks that need creativity. Which is probably why Tony Robbins is considered a motivational speaker, instead of how he describes himself - a why guy, who asks why you are doing what you do.

As you see from the video, what he is doing is helping people to figure out their intrinsic motivations, their internal drives - which empowers them to do their best.

Human needs as Robbins defines them:
1) Certainty
2) Uncertainty
3) Critical Significance
4) Connection and Love
5) Grow
6) To contribute beyond ourselves

Freud would call "certainty" life-instincts and "uncertainty" death instincts. Adlerian therapy stresses that people need goals and significance in their lives. Existential therapy deals with the need to grow and be unique. Family systems and group therapies deal with connections. Maslow's hierarchy contains all but the uncertainty. So, in spite of Robbins negative comments about us being a therapy society, he, himself, is using much of the basis of psychology.

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