Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ever wonder what type of person does scams?

An Obvious Scam

Check out their locations page and compare it to here. Eerie, isn't it? I know SYSCO is a well established company.

Ignore the BBB nonsense - the company was only "started" July 2004 - there's no way that any complaints against it has had time to make it through the BBB paperwork and procedures yet. The BBB believes in being thorough and giving the offending company a chance to correct problems before it will list them as a problem.

and look at this site again...

Recently one of the "senior partners" of this website joined a mailing list, where he has made many unsupportable claims - including things like claiming to written an expansion on Einstein's Theory of Relativity (while screwing up on basic Physics and mathematical principles) and recently creating the Light Transistor.

His greatest claim is to have developed a working AI, while showing almost no understanding of programming and logic. He started out saying he wasn't trying to get any money and trying to make it sound like he's just a poor inventor who wants to help the world, then says later that he is trying to raise $100 million and already has 23% of that goal.

When confronted with evidence of his misinformation, he insist his opponents are retards and posts things like:

"Yes, I have been called a genius many times in my life by mathematicians, physicists, business people, and people without education. I also didn't plant the idea of calling me that in their heads, nor did I give them a brief explanation of an idea, and just expect them to believe it. So the answer is that I am willing to help you understand, otherwise I wouldn't be writing you. Yes, the conversation is stimulating, but playing games with everyone isn't worth my time."
(And yet he goes on to write reams of babble.)


"The problem is that people who claim to be experts cannot fathom how a novice could have a different point of view (that was not preprogrammed with the common belief system on the particular field of study) and run circles around them within the scope of innovation."

followed by:

"Yes, I've taken lots of courses in Physics. I've also applied this knowledge to real life experience. I do have an extensive formal education and have attended the best schools in the country."

(Someone needs to explain to me why someone with 4.0 averages school hops so frequently.)

And heaven forbid you start really taking his business plans apart. He starts to threaten you with illegal lawsuits and harrasment.

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