Friday, December 03, 2004


Another analysis of The Wealth Building Foundation.



CS what is wrong with this guy? Man I really wonder how much money he is actually taken from people off the net. If you have no hope and you want to get rich quick ---- He is what you are looking for. There are people out there giving this quack money too!!! I know they exist.

Cosmic Siren said...

Well, to start out with, he's borderline delusional. I've checked out the guy who hosts the website and he's a MLM fanatic, who self promotes himself all over - except there. Which is rather weird. However, I think this guy is so good justifying stuff to himself, that the other guy just pulled him in and is prepping him.

In other words, I think he actually he talked himself into believing his own lies. I don't know if you're still reading the archives, but he's still at it - claiming something about gaining $100 in a year from a $20 investment. I'm not clear on it, because I've stopped reading his stuff and just scan the replies others make to him. If I didn't, I would want to go strangle him personally for being an affront to all reason.