Saturday, December 04, 2004

He's still at it.

The genius of The Wealth Building Foundation is still at it. Here's what they supposedly want summarized by someone who studies economics:

What I'm getting out of all of this is that it's a cult. Members live, work, and donate everything to the foundation which controls everything. The company car, the debt management, the house, everything. Everything that the foundation takes in the form of savings goes to making the foundation more profitable for those that run it.

In return for the foundation disciplining the members, the foundation gets to syphon off some of the money. If people learned to be more disciplined with their own money, whey would have the full benefit of the "free" houses, cars, and such without the foundation. (But were is the extraordinary profits of telling them that.)

I once thought of running a sort of cult, when I was very young. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. I remember seeing pictures of Jim Jones with pictures of food that was supposedly grown in Jonestown. The food was in grocery store bags.

If you promise 1000 people that you can give them the world. One of them will believe you. Jim Jones had over 700 people following him when his final pyramid came down. (Don't remember the exact numbers.) How long do you think you can keep up your scams? How many people are you going to take down with you? As many as Charles Manson? David Koresh? Are you going to have people kill themselves to join you on the other side of a comet, or will it be because your AI became God and gave some secret reason to drink the poison.

You can see the full reply with quoted text if you want.

Yep, that's WBF for you!

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