Sunday, December 05, 2004

Someone else caught this.

A friend checking out my objections to The Wealth Building Foundation, brought this to my attention:

Note the unauthorized use of the Verisign logo near the submit form ;) the form is not submitted securely, and there's no https:// version of the site, so there are no valid reasons to use the logo.

As I said before, an obvious scam.

Meanwhile, the debate goes on. One of the participants is summarizing his experience:

Nase in a corner


Mexigogue said...

Interesting. I just googled "wealth building foundation" and I pulled up the everlasting phelps on like the 4th page. I couldn't find mine unless I googled with an additional keyword like simpsons. As time wears on I wonder if we'll find other blogs from people who might have come away less than satisfied.

Cosmic Siren said...

When I did "The Wealth Building Foundation", JoAnne's page was like the six entry.

Mexigogue said...

I dub him Arthur Ponzerelli!