Tuesday, March 22, 2005

An interesting art project...

"New Leaf" a community interactive art project

The New Leaf Project Details:
New Leaf is a series of public art events by Carol Ann Newsome. New Leafs are planted in a specific area to be unexpectedly encountered and turned over. Each New Leaf is a unique acrylic painting on a hand made wood panel, measuring 3.5 X 4.5 inches. The panels are cut by my friend Brian. I sand, seal and paint each one. Each leaf has a label informing the person holding it that they have just turned over a New Leaf (since the label is on the back this is a factual occurrence) and that they may keep the leaf and turn it over whenever they wish. There is an e-mail address on the back for anyone who cares to share their new leaf experience. Every project involves a number of planters who place the paintings surreptitiously in the target area. A minimum of 5,000 New Leafs will be distributed.

What is New Leaf? from Carol Ann Newsome - A New Leaf is an original acrylic painting of a single leaf on a small wood block. I paint each New Leaf myself. On the back of each New Leaf is a label which states “You have just turned over a New Leaf. You may keep this New Leaf. Turn it over as often as you wish.” Each Leaf is signed and includes my e-mail address on the back.

Interested in being a "planter"? or simply write to Carol Ann at: NewLeaf@carolannnewsome.com

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