Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Now, I feel old...

While talking to someone, I realized that people younger than me, (which would be MOST of the people who read this site) probably don't have a clue what some of the things I talk about are. For a time reference, I learned to program in 1976 - the same year the home version of PONG became popular. (Sears got the marketing rights the year before.) Before then, it was an arcade game, like pinball, which was created in 1972. I was eight years old in '72 and didn't go to bars and pool halls. So as far as I was concerned, Pong didn't exist until Sears started doing ads for it. By that time, I was playing the text version of Star Trek and had already solved most of the Collosal Cave with my mom and sister. Watching two lines and a ball move wasn't that exciting to me.

Anyway, to help some of you all out, I found some links:

Good computer history site with pictures and a glossary of old terms. But not extensive enough in my opinion.

Teletypes similar to what my dad's first homemade computer had before he was able to snag a broken monitor and repair it. The ASR33 was the model I think we had.

Punch cards. Only when we got them, they already had holes punched in them. We used them for all sorts of crafts. At one time, people made Christmas wreaths with them.

The write-protect ring I talk about, you can find on this page. Do a CNTL-F and type in "tape". A short scroll down will show you a magnetic tape reel and the plastic ring I'm talking about.

I wanted to find a picture of the oscilloscope my dad had when I was little, but that would have taken me forever. Instead, here's a page about what an oscilloscope is.

History of the Apple II computer and Apple II text files.

If there is anything else I've mentioned that you don't get, leave a comment and I'll try to help.

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